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Here are pics of mine!
Some I drew, others I didn't, read the notes

Amiboshi and Suboshi are SOOOO CUTE!

I drew this one. This is Female Exile, for those of you who know the story

I drew this. This is Ashe, Silver, and Ransom!

I drew this, too. Here's Bast!

I drew this, too! Here's Ashe/Daemon!

Hey, I drew this. This is Q as the Crow. Love ya, baby!

I drew this one, too, this is Chaos

This is the dagger some of my chars use, I drew this one, too!

This is my char, F'Ryan. I drew this one and am very proud of it!

Here's a pic of Donatare's face, to show her scars, I drew this.

This is a full body pic of my char, Donatare, I drew it

Here's a pic of Exile's Scar, I drew it.

This is a pic of one of my chars old boyfriends, his name is Demeon. I drew it.

Here's a pic of Silver's husband, Necro. I drew it, hehe!

Here's Jerikon, a char of mine, I also drew this.

This is Myst, GRRRRR! She's Silver's evil mother. I drew it.

Here's a great pic I drew of Q and I.

Here's Alyssa and Jerod, Alyssa drew it, isn't she great?!

Here's a much better, more recent pic of Chaos, I drew it!