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Name: Jecht "Chaos" Eoin Ciaram
Nicknames: Chaos, Black 'n' white, Shatt, Shattered
Age: ...... Damn, I can't count that high. Think in the millions...
Birthdate: October 15, okay... um, many many years ago....
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 201 lbs
Hair Color: Frost white, that fades into black at the tips.
Eye Color: Emerald green, the lens having the effect of a shattered pane of glass, reflecting the light back in an odd way.
Family: Brother, Xeollos
Girlfriend/Wife: None (Vicsion in the story)
Tattoo's: A celtic band around his arm which he gave himself with a bottle of ink and his dagger blade.
Piercing's: His right ear with a thick black metal hoop near the top.
Race: Were-vampire, shows high magical abilities....
Personality: Chaos is very mysterious and often stays within himself. At most times, his emotions are almost impossible to read. His name fits him well, he enjoys causing mischief. In the past he has been much more violent in nature, but at the moment he is in a calm spell.
Special Notes: Chaos was the first victim of Myst, and is the only one who can battle her for age and experience. Once, when he displeased her, and she sold him into slavery. Over the years he has been in and out of it. Many of his old owners, if they survived......, are trying to get him back. He wears the dogtags from all the wars he has been in. Was originally from the earliest civilization of Eygpt.

More Chars
Name: Bastian Klondike Ashitare
Nickname: Bast
Age: Unknown, he looks about 19 yrs old
Birthdate: June 6th, year unknown
Birthplace: The Valley of the Celts
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: Pale Blue
Eye Color: Brown
Family: Deceased
Girlfriend/Wife: None
Tattoo's: Celtic designs all down his left arm, and a Celtic sun around his belly button
Piercing's: All along the lower rim of his catlike ears, and one thick hoop near the tip. Also, his tongue.
Race: Unknown
Personality: He is violent by nature, and dark and mischievious.
Special notes: He has a pantherlike tail, and ears that are pale blue, and fangs.

Name: F'Ryan Geoffry Allandrove
Nickname(s): Ry, Ryan, Fry
Age: 25
Birthdate: November 17
Birthplace: Back-alley, Los Angeles
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 214 lbs
Hair Color: Fire red with golden streaks
Eye Color: A strange sea green
Family: Mother, died giving birth to him. Father, was killed by F'Ryan when he((Ry)) was 13. No siblings. Daughter, Mina, 5 yrs old.
Girlfriend/Wife: None
Tattoo's: The insignia of the Black Flame Racers in all black across his shoulders.
Piercing's: His tongue and the top of his ear.
Race: Vampire, with the ability to control ice and water.
Personality: A racer type, grew up racing his Ferrari, which he stole from his father at the age of 13. Can come off as cold, but can be a real nice guy. Is the leader of a gang. They can all be very wild, but he puts his foot down on certain issues. Despises rape, because that is how he was concieved. Killed his father for that fact. Is a loving parent to his daughter, Mina.
Special Notes: Is the leader of a gang called The Black Flame Riders. The gang has a dark reputation, but F'Ryan has gotten the gang back on track. They take care of each other, and Mina, F'Ryan's 5 yr old daughter. Kyren's sister, Kylen, is Mina's mother. Kylen died in an accident that had to do with the gang, and every member of the Children of Animosity hated F'Ryan for it and have hated him ever since. When he gets angry ice coats the area around him, along with his hair and clothing.